Firmware Alert – AOR AR-DV1

AR DV1 firmware update:  v1505G, 6-5-2015

AOR has uploaded revised firmware for the AR-DV1 receiver. While this update will correct issues that some customers experienced, it also adds more functionality to the AR-DV1. AOR is committed to the continuous improvement of its products and will post firmware updates periodically to further extend the capabilities of this receiver.

The new firmware version: 1505G is now available for download from the AOR website.
Directions: AR-DV1 Firmware Update Procedures 

AR-DV1 Multi-Mode Digital ReceiverThis firmware will correct:

  • Malfunctions with the backlit keys lighting up while the power switch is in the “off” position
  • D-STAR signals overriding the selected mode for received data. The decode mode will now decode and display only the selected mode.
  • Malfunctions with the receive frequency when CTCSS or DCS is selected during Search mode.
  • Problems with pressing LOCK key or MONI key when frequency entry is made from the keypad
  • Issues with the display data freezing when digital data is displayed while using the keypad or rotating the dial knob.
  • Issues with the opening message displaying properly.
  • Memory channel registration problems. Entering the memory tag followed by pressing DOWN key will now work properly.
  • Voice squelch function stability
  • SAL/SAL or USBL/LSB operational issues
  • D-CR code setting error
  • Analog FM mode function
  • Initial power-up cycle
  • Problems with “motorboating” noise in DMR mode
  • Problems adding receive mode, IF B/W, CTCSS/DCS in memory scan mode and program search mode.

New enhancements for the AR-DV1 available with this firmware include:

  • Ability to open the squelch while in digital mode by pressing MONI key
  • Ability to save the current receiver settings by pressing [F]+[VOL]
  • Easier frequency entry during search bank setting by using the [.] (decimal) key for frequencies below 1MHz.
  • In memory mode or program search mode, receiver options can be added.
  • SD card FAT16 is now supported
  • Remote ID can be added to last channel memory
  • The AR-DV1 will send a message showing connection status during on/off process.
  • Step frequency can now be set during search or scan mode
  • The following PC commands are now supported: MD ZJ ZK SQ NQ LQ VQ ZP QP EX AG RF ST SH DT BP LN LB LD KL PT ZI LC LM RX LT RT RE SB WI RN VR
    (A complete list of new functions will be posted soon.)
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