Product Test – Uniden Bearcat BC125AT

By Jonathan Higgins – The Scanner Expert

Product Tested: Uniden Bearcat BC125AT
Cost of product: $139.95

Out of the box
I’m very impressed with the Uniden Bearcat BC125AT, everything I could ask for in a basic analog conventional scanner. Alpha Tagging, PL Tone, NOAA Weather Alerts, and much, much more!

Once programmed, I had great reception inside of our Holliston office. The speaker audio quality was clear and crisp. Unit is pretty light weight even with the batteries installed.

This scanner will be ideal for someone that in area using analog conventional communications . Also great for auto racing, railroad buff or aviation hobbyist.

What makes this scanner different from BC72XLT and BC95XT?
Uniden added a lot of features, that are available in the XT models.

  • ALPHA Tagging – you can program a frequency and assign a name to the channel such as:
  • Private Line Tone (PL Tone) along with programming the frequency you can program CTCSS or DCS. If you’re not sure what the PL Tone is you can do a CTCSS/DCS Search. This is very helpful with blocking interference.
  • Bigger Memory – 500 channels, 10 banks, 50 channels per bank.
  • NOAA Weather Alert Mode
  • Narrowband Compatibles
  • Includes Military Air Band
  • Priority Scan with “do-not-disturb”
  • Close Call RF Capture with Do-Not-Disturb

    BC125AT is very handsome in it black and gray case, with its easy to press black and white buttons. Very compact and can fit in a shirt pocket without a problem. The display is much larger then BC346XT/BCD396XT, and super easy to read. Across the top of the scanner you have; multifunction knob at the top right, head set jack in the middle and BNC antenna connection on the left. Charging/ remote programming port on the right side. The back of the scanner you have the fixed belt clip and AA Alkaline/rechargeable battery compartment.

    Memory System
    Bank structured memory system with 500 channels, 10 banks with 50 channels per bank. The layout is very simple to understand for someone trying to field program the scanner.

    Band Coverage
    25-54 MHz
    108-174 MHz
    225-380 MHz
    400-512 MHz

    Service Searches
    Very simple to turn off and on Press “Func” then “Srch”. The services are broken down into banks and you can turn them on and off by press it number. Let’s say you want to turn off “CB Radio” press the “8” button to turn it off and to turn it back on just press the “8” again. To return to normal scanning press the “Scan” button.

    1. Police
    2. Fire/Emergency
    3. Ham Radio
    4. Marine
    5. Railroad
    6. Civil Air
    7. Military Air
    8. CB Radio
    0. Racing

    Custom Band Search
    Band Searches, press “Srch” button, you can set up to 10 custom search band limits. While in this mode press “Func” then “Pgm” then Select “Program Limits”. You will have a list of 10 custom search bank.

    Powering the Scanner
    Very much like IPhone/IPod, the BC125AT comes with a multipurpose USB cable. This cable can connect to the PC for programming and firmware updates. This cable powers the scanner via a USB AC or USB DC adapter (Sold Separately). Rechargeable batteries can be charged inside the unit.

    Programming Software
    Programming software will be available from Uniden and from BuTel software shortly. Uniden Software will be very basic vs. the BuTel Software will more advanced. With the BuTel Software you will have capability to import frequencies from with a paid Membership.

    Weather “WX”
    This compact unit is great for monitoring NOAA Weather radio. You can also receive NOAA Weather Alerts while the scanner is scanning. Or you can run the scanner in Weather Alerts Standby mode. In this mode the BC125AT will act as weather station, audio will kick-in with weather alerts. To see all weather options on the scanner press “Func” then the “3 WX” button.

    In the Box

  • BC125AT
  • Rubber Duck Antenna
  • Multipurpose USB Cable

    Owners Manual
    (available online PDF)

    Recommend Optional Accessories
    Scanner Master is currently developing multiple carrying cases and we will keep you posted on that. We carry both optional AC USB and DC USB adapters, along with backup rechargeable batteries. We also have full line of portable antennas with BNC connections. If you plan on using the BC125AT in the home make sure you check out “Spectrum Force Desk Mount for One Portable Scanner“.

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